Design 3D concepts
in seconds.

Accelerate your automotive concept development with BLANK, your AI-assistant for proportional design.
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Create and edit 3D concepts

Semantic design controls allow you to create complex 3D surface models without advanced skills.

Generate brand-aligned shapes

Effortlessly integrate your brand’s heritage and design language into your first 3D concept sketches.

Accelerate surfacing tasks

Export generated concepts into leading SubD surface modelling tools (e.g. Alias, Maya).

1 - Define a starting point

Select a car from our database as a starting seed for your design.

2 - Select control variables

Choose design variables that control the generator.

3 - Generate and edit concepts

Combine control variables to create a custom generator.

4 - Blend your ideas

Combine aesthetic concepts to uncover new inspiring forms.

How it works.

BLANK uses Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) algorithms to learn the style proportions of your 3D design heritage.


Create a customized generative AI by uploading your exterior 3D car models.


Generatively manipulate 3D concepts in seconds.


Refine your design using semantic-driven parametric controls.


Combine designs to uncover new design directions.


Export your work into to other tools to refine your design or begin rapid prototyping.

Choose your model.

There are two ways you can explore new ideas with BLANK .

Bespoke Generative Model

  • Trained securely using a curated selection of your team's design data

  • Best for teams with extensive historical and concept design data

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Standard Generative Model

  • Trained on thousands of automotive 3D designs from the last 70 years

  • Best for individuals without their own design data

Why AI?

Explore how AI will augment the world of product design.